Ceramic Coatings

Ceramic coatings are a clever way of getting a few more horsepower from your ride. Ceramic coatings are typically used on exhaust components to reduce temperatures; however, they are not limited to just exhaust systems. Ceramic coatings can be applied to any area where you need to manage heat or reduce surface temperatures, including the exhaust manifold, exhaust header, turbo charger casing, exhaust system down pipes, hot engine components, tailpipes, finishers or tail-trims.


Ceramic coating exhaust systems leads to a very low heat transfer coefficient because of the thermal barrier content within our polymer ceramic coatings. This means that the exhaust system itself will not absorb as much heat, allowing that heat to be retained within the system. This is why manifolds or headers are commonly seen with a ceramic coating, to keep under bonnet temperatures down to a minimum.



Yes, the same principles apply for both Cars and Motorcycles. By retaining the heat within the exhaust system, rather than dissipating outwards you’ll have a far more comfortable ride, as well as increased power. As a result of retaining the exhaust heat, the gas velocity will increase, which will result in an increase in power output. Along with the performance benefits, ceramic coatings are are also exceptional at offering protection from rust, wear, corrosion and degradation.

By applying a ceramic coating you are receiving a ‘fit and forget’ solution that will increase the longevity of your parts and completely eradicate the need for exhaust wrap. Our coatings have been tried and tested by various manufacturers and have subsequently passed OEM testing standards.