Standard Range

Standard Range

Our standard range of heat resistant ceramic solutions was designed for under bonnet and external use. They are high-quality finishes suitable for applications up to 650°C and offer a smooth aesthetic finish that enhances engine bay appearance.

This range of heat resistant ceramic finishes can be used in the following areas to combat heat and add aesthetic;

  • Motorcycle Exhaust Systems
  • Inlet Manifold
  • Tailpipes
  • Brake Calipers
  • Any other cosmetic applications.

Suitable to 650°C

These heat resistant ceramic finishes are suitable up to 650°C and offer some thermal barrier content

Smooth Aesthetic Finish

The coatings are expertly applied to reflect a smooth and evenly consistent finish to all areas of your parts.

Choice of 2 Colours

There are two black finishes to choose from to enhance your engine bay depending on your preference.

Deep Black

Deep Black Whitebg

Satin Black

Satin Black White Bg

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