AC Cobra Replica with Exhaust Ceramic Coatings

We had the pleasure of ceramic coating an AC Cobra exhaust system for one of our customers, Drew.


Drew bought a rolling chassis from AK Sportscars in Peterborough, late 2019 as a retirement project for his eventual retirement in 2022. As part of this build, he purchased a Chevrolet LS3 crate engine and a Tremec TKO500 five speed gearbox from Roadcraft, as the Cobra needed a V8 and this engine fitted the bill as it is easier to meet modern emission tests. He thought the 6.2 litre V8 with 430bhp and 424 lb-ft would be more than adequate driving through the rear wheels with no traction control, we tend to agree!

Drew predominantly opted for a Performance 1 Coating for aesthetics reasons as he says, ‘All other Cobras I had seen were blinged out with chrome everywhere, but I preferred the stealth look where all parts normally chromed have been given the black look. I had chosen a dark blue colour scheme from day 1 with two wide black stripes and 6mm red pinstriping. The colour is BMW San Marino Blue and was painted by 355 restoration in Peterborough, a worthwhile 700-mile round trip.’ Drew knew that he wanted a ceramic coating applied to the side pipes, and when he started looking into the availability, P1C were continually seen from his searches.



Apart from coating the exhaust pipes, Drew also wanted various accessories coated in the same finish, so everything is colour coded, and we were more than happy to oblige. These accessories included door handles, wing mirrors, rear view mirrors, hinges, windscreen and much more! Basically, anything that was previously chrome was now given the blacked out stealth finish that Drew was looking for. Drew thought the most challenging part that he asked us to coat would’ve been the windscreen, which is made by a small company who have been making them for years, Brasscraft. Brasscraft agreed to send the parts of the windscreen without the glass directly to Zircotec, and we were more than happy to send it back to Brasscraft after ceramic coating to ensure Drew’s project goes as smoothly as possible. Drew was pleased to see that the several accessories he sent over, which also included roll bars, handles for the bonnet catches, boot hinges, front splitter bar, headlight surrounds and indicator surrounds, were ‘all coated to the highest of standards by Zircotec,’ Drew added.


Although most of these parts didn’t require the thermal properties our coatings offer, the exhaust pipes will definitely benefit from the thermal performance of the Volcanic Matt Black finish Drew went for. As its proven to reduce surface temperatures by up to 15%, and has a max operating temperature of up to 980°C. This in turn improves engine performance, efficiency and safety when applied onto exhaust systems. This also helps in making it a more comfortable ride, as it offers reduced heat soak into the cabin from the external side pipes, especially on a hot summers’ day.

Bravo Drew, we loved working on this project and look forward to seeing it on the road as soon as possible!

If you have a project that could benefit from our ceramic coatings, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today! Our technical team are on hand and will be more than happy to talk through our various options.