Goran Satin Black After

BMW R nineT transforms…

Our customer Goran came seeking for solutions for his BMW R nineT 2:2 Exhaust System, as some of the parts he was looking to coat had rusted over time, which made his bike look a bit tired and run down, as well as potentially affecting its performance negatively.


After debating between both our Deep Black and Satin Black finishes from our Standard Range, he decided to go for the Satin Black for that slightly glossier look to suit his bike. Our standard range of polymer applied ceramic coatings are suitable for operations up to 650°C, so our most popular applications are often on motorcycle exhaust systems, inlet manifolds, tailpipes and brake callipers as it can provide the according thermal properties for those uses.

Along with the exhaust, there were several smaller components that Goran wanted coating to ensure the look was kept consistent, including some clamps and brackets. Our highly-trained technicians expertly prepared the component surfaces, and carefully applied our polymer ceramic coating. We were able to coat around these geometries without missing any details, giving a smooth and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Goran said, ‘I received the coated parts, and they look amazing. Thank you very much! The exhaust is completely transformed.’

Apart from the added aesthetics, our ceramic coating will also protect the components from corrosion, thus increasing the bike’s longevity. Our standard range of polymer applied ceramic coatings offer up to 12% surface temperature reduction, which will aid in lowering exhaust temperatures, and can potentially improve its performance as the gas heat is retained within the system, enabling quicker flow through the exhaust system.

Check out these before and after pictures he sent in:

Before 1


Goran Satin Black After
















Our Satin Black finish compliments Goran’s bike perfectly.

This is a great example of our standard range coating on a motorcycle exhaust system. If you have any similar projects where your bike or car parts that might be suffering with rust, corrosion or thermal issues, feel free to contact us to find out more how our coating can come into use.