Ceramic Exhaust Coating Colours


Performance 1 Ceramic Coatings UK offers three distinct product ranges for high temperature ceramic exhaust coating purposes, including standard and vibrant colour choices.

Our standard range includes Satin Black and Gold, while the Colours range includes many colour choices to help personalise your vehicle car or motorbike. Performance 1 can also offer a bespoke colouring service to fine tune the available colours for the closest possible match to your existing colour scheme (ceramic technology permitting).

Other differs one from another?
The application suitability. What does this mean? That, for example, our Standard range of ceramic coatings are a good value for money, for those who wish to ceramic coat their car exhaust systems or their bikes exhausts for road use. They are suitable to be used on parts up to 650°C and offer a noticeable surface temperature reduction.
On the other side, our Volcanic Range (suitable for Motorsports) are suitable up to 1050°C and are available on two colours: Volcanic Black and Volcanic Silver finish.

Depending on the use of your car/motorbike, we can advise you which of our coatings will be more suitable. You can fill out our contact form or give us a call, and one of our advisors will guide you through our ceramic coating offers and which one is the best solution for your needs.

See the full range of ceramic coating colours available from Performance 1 Coatings. Contact us to request a quote or place an order for your exhaust ceramic coating.