Ceramic Exhaust Manifold Coating in Silver


This ceramic exhaust manifold coating was recently performed by Performance 1 Coatings UK. The customer chose a ceramic exhaust coating in our Brushed Silver finish to lower engine bay temperatures and give a nice clean look to the under bonnet area.

The Silver finish coating is a high demanding finish for some of our Classic Car fans. Trying to maintain truthful to the original exhaust pipes but taking the benefits of ceramic coating the pipes.
This allows to drop the temperatures around the engine and minimizing the discomfort on the seating areas.

Although the exhaust manifolds are hidden the act of apply ceramic coating, not only makes the motor run more efficiently, but also improves performance overall. It will be resistant to rust and it will last longer, consequently. The fact that our users can choose a colour to match the car’s bodywork or the rocket cover, makes Performance 1 Coatings one of the desired solutions from our customers.

Another advantage of the ceramic coatings used on exhaust systems here at P1 is that rust is prevented. Once coated with the bonded ceramic layer rust becomes a thing of the past. This is another reason why ceramic coating is so popular on parts including motorcycle frames and headers.

Contact Performance 1 Coatings to discuss ceramic exhaust coating or our wide range of ceramic coating colours.
If you aren’t sure of the benefits that our ceramic coatings give, just let us explain how it works and why it is used by a lot of motorsports enthusiasts.