Ceramic Exhaust Coating for a Suzuki Katana


Suzuki Katana upgraded its look with a ceramic black exhaust paint. Not only does the coating offer protection from the elements but it also transforms the bike with a new look for the summer! As an added bonus. The coating also contributes to the reduction of surface temperatures on the exhaust pipes.
Jason contacted us because the exhaust system on his Suzuki Katana had become corroded by the weather condition and the salt on the roads. The primary goal was to refresh the look of the bike and extend the life of the exhaust system.

Secondly, the heat management properties of the ceramic exhaust paint were also a factor of decision. Our performance ceramic coatings offer a good resistance to stone chips and debris, and they’re the best solution for a motorcycle. That’s why our coatings are the first choice for the UK motorcycle manufacturers.

When we first received the parts, they were not on their best shape due to corrosion and years of neglect. The first stage of our process is to prepare the surface, decontaminate it and strip it down to the bare metal.

The ceramic coating is then applied by our specialist and then curing cycle begins.

The difference between a VHF paint and our ceramic coating is not only the quality of material and ceramic content but more importantly the application and the processes we follow. The curing process is where the ceramic coating builds its strength and develops the resilience to withstand high temperatures and everyday use. A good cure will assure that it won’t flake (as you can see in some DIY coatings elsewhere).

All the parts are then inspected one by one to comply with all our high standards and, if passed by our trained inspection, they are packed and sent to customer’s address.

Why should I ceramic coat my exhaust system?
The question amongst customers is usually between exhaust wrapping the headers or ceramic coating them. The exhaust wrap is usually a fiberglass or composite fabric that wraps around exhaust system components. It is a DIY solution that can be added to nearly any exhaust part. It gives a reduction of the heat transmitted to the surface but they’re not very easy to apply correctly. Typically they absorb moisture from the road and cause rusting if your system is not made of the highest quality stainless steel. This can only be applied on the outside of the headers.

The ceramic coating applied by us is a polymer ceramic that it is not a DYI solution, it is trusted by several motorcycle brands and provide you with bigger horsepower gains (when compared to other exhaust insulation methods). The coating also offers a reduction in the surface temperature of the headers and as an add-on we can also coat the inside of the exhausts. Ceramic coating is a great solution if rust and corrosion of the exhaust system is an issue or you just want to refresh the look and make the pipes look brand new again!!

In the long term, a ceramic exhaust paint is a better investment, at it will stay on the motorcycle, and it will increase its value.

To know how you can benefit from our ceramic coatings, please contact us for more information!