Comparing ceramic coating to exhaust paint


Ceramic Coating compared to Exhaust Paint: Why Choose Ceramic?
High temperature exhaust paint is a cheap way to coat an exhaust manifold, downpipe or turbo housing, but the comparison to ceramic coating means that ceramic is superior in just about every way. Motorcycle owners, car enthusiasts or motorsport competitors looking for high temperature coatings with performance, durability and value for money should pick ceramic coating from Performance 1 Coatings every time.

Exhaust Paint Less Durable
Ceramic coatings are specifically designed for durability. Tested and developed in the aerospace and motorsport industries for decades and applied by professionals to a meticulously prepared surface, polymer ceramic bonded coatings will outlast DIY exhaust paint by many years, forming a substantial barrier to corrosion.

Exhaust Paint Lower Performance
Studies show that even the lowest-priced ceramic coatings will outperform the best exhaust paints. The average under-bonnet temperature drop on an engine with a Performance 1 ceramic coating applied to the exhaust manifold shows in the region of 20% lower temperatures. That lower temp means more performance. In comparison, exhaust paints struggle to lower underbonnet temperatures by double figures: just 9% according to data received.

Exhaust Paint Less Cost Effective
When it comes to value for money, ceramic coatings really show their worth. Some of the parts we coat in ceramic, such as exhaust manifolds and turbo charger systems take hours to remove from a car, so putting cheap exhaust paint on them that will need re-doing three or four times over compared to ceramic makes very little sense when one considers that ceramic coatings start from just £25 plus VAT.

Available in a wide range of colours to suit any motorsport or motorcycle project, Performance 1 ceramic coatings look better than paint. All you have to do is wrap them for our courier to collect: we will drop them back to you when they’ve been coated.

Ceramic Exhaust Coating Cost
We appreciate that cost is a factor in most decisions to choose exhaust paint for high temperature coating, but there’s no doubt it is a lower quality solution. Ceramic coating by Performance 1 costs much less than you think and offers excellent performance at value for money prices. Contact Performance 1 Coatings to discuss our high temperature exhaust coatings today by emailing