Ducati Motorcycle Exhaust Ceramic Coating


This superb Ducati Diavel motorbike had its full exhaust system ceramic coated by Performance 1 Coatings to improve the look, add bespoke styling and protect the exhaust pipes against the elements.

When Motorcycle News reviewed the £14,000 Ducati Diavel, they were blown away by the light, fast and sophisticated bike that completely turned on its head everything we thought so-called ‘cruisers were about until now. High praise, indeed. The Diavel adds a degree of performance and sports ability to a class of bike where it simply didn’t exist before.

Performance and sports ability come as standard with any Ducati motorcycle, but ask a Duke owner about the durability of finishes to those external bike parts and expect a shake of the head. The Ducati family of motorcycles is not best known for its resistance to corrosion on bikes that are used daily on UK roads.

The Performance 1 Coatings ceramic coating process is well suited to motorcycle exhaust systems, most motorcycle parts and even motorbike frames. When the uncoated exhaust of this new Ducati Diavel began to show signs of corrosion, this motorbike’s owner came to P1C and ordered a full ceramic coating of the entire exhaust system in our ultimate quality Volcanic Black ceramic coating finish.

The photo shows the result. Not only has ceramic coating this motorcycle exhaust added a thermal barrier that protects other parts from being damaged by constant exposure to hot exhaust pipes and metal expansion, it has also improved the styling, adding a touch of personalisation and protecting the motorcycle’s exhaust against corrosion. Holding the heat in the exhaust gas has also improved performance and increased rider comfort and owner satisfaction.

Performance 1 Coatings offers ceramic coating service for motorcyclists, applying the heat-resistant coating to all parts including exhaust systems, wheels, brake clippers, swing arms and more. Contact the UK’s leading motorcycle ceramic coating specialists today for a price on your custom motorcycle projects.

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