Exhaust Ceramic Coating: Kawasaki Upgrade

When the Kawasaki Ninja H2 was launched in 2015, it was like something from outer space: alien-vibes aesthetics, blowing away most superbikes at that time at a whopping 197bhp.


Our customer, Andrew, came to us for as he was looking to refresh his 2019 Kawasaki H2 headers, this model is in fact the supercharged monster. Andrew had his bike remapped after upgrading exhaust and filters so it’s now producing around 225bhp. He is aware that the numbers can be pushed quite a bit more, but he was fine with the current performance (as he should!), as keeping things more standard (keeping catalytic converter on, etc.) is usually more well-liked amongst collectors.

The existing headers were looking a little tired, rusty and he felt that it was really letting the look of the bike down, especially only having done 4000miles. It wasn’t looking as good as he’d hoped. However, the H2/H2R was a very limited production run, it was therefore extremely hard for Andrew to get custom parts at reasonable prices. The full exhaust system would cost him more than he’d like, plus, it wasn’t necessary as he already had a black carbon fibre Akrapovic end can. After reaching out to numerous fabricators himself, he found that many won’t make a custom exhaust for this bike. Andrew then started looking out for other options, this is where Performance 1 Coatings came in.


The primary reason Andrew came to us was for a cosmetic upgrade on his exhaust system, to further improve the looks of his Ninja H2. Although after reading up on ceramic coatings, he decided that it could be a good option killing two birds with one stone. Andrew says it seemed like the logical option to go for, “keeps heat down, looks great and costs little”. He went for our Volcanic Black which is one of six colour options from our Volcanic Range. Our Volcanic Range has been proven to function at extremely high temperatures, as well as offering a surface temperature reduction of up to 15%. Along with the aesthetic upgrade, the surface temperature reductions offered by our Volcanic Range of exhaust ceramic coatings are popular amongst motorcyclists, as it keeps the temperatures down to a minimum right next to the riders legs, making it much more comfortable for the rider.

Andrew was very pleased with the looks of the exhaust, check out these photos with the exhaust installed! Contact us to find out more on how our different ranges of ceramic coatings can be utilised on your bikes/cars!