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Exhaust Ceramic Coating keeping KTM 1290 Super Duke R Cool…

Our customer, Ethan, came to us with his 2016 KTM 1290 Super Duke R as he was looking to reduce the exhaust temperatures as well as upgrade the look of his bike.


KTM’s 1290 Super Duke R is known for its impressive acceleration when it was first launched back in 2014, the application of its power (180bhp) shocked everyone. Ethan’s bike is the 2016, R special edition, which meant that KTM had thrown all their ‘powerparts’ catalogue at the bike such as an upgraded seat, anodised orange parts + special colour scheme. The bike is also well-known for being lightweight, at only 189kg. It has been tested to hit the 200kmph mark in no less than 7.2 seconds. Aside from its incredible performance, Ethan also wanted to add to its stealthy look.

Ethan says that, “The bike also has a lot of extra’s added by a previous owner, carbon fibre parts everywhere, Bodis De-cat pipes, etc. And in my 6 months of owning it, it has been a real head turner. Loads of people ask about it when at bike cafes, or even when parked outside at work they come in to talk about it.” which is what led Ethan to wanting to do his own modifications to it, as he added, “It’s a great bike but the love it gets is for the previous owner’s work, I’m just the lucky bugger that bought it and gets to hear it all.”

The first part of Ethan putting his ‘own stamp’ on the bike was to ditch the off-coloured downpipes but he didn’t want to go down the boring route of aftermarket downpipes, as he thought it was very mainstream. He had the idea of ceramic coating the pipework in the back of his mind, since considering it on his previous bike, he thought now would be the time to pull the trigger on it.


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Choosing Performance 1 Coatings (part of the Zircotec Group) was simple, Ethan did some reading up on the work that we had previously done, he thought that “If it’s good enough for someone’s Lamborghini, it’s probably too good for my bike”. Apart from an aesthetic perspective, the bike also gets incredibly hot – “getting stuck in traffic on a long ride that has included some spirited riding is like getting in the sauna wrapped in clingfilm” so he was also hoping to solve this heat issue for a more comfortable ride. Ethan went for our Volcanic Titanium option from our Volcanic Range, which can withstand the heat of a motorbike exhaust and help reduce surface temperature by up to 15%. The surface temperature reduction of the front pipe, making it a much more comfortable ride for Ethan!


Ethan was very happy with how it turned out, and he can’t wait to show it off this summer whilst also knowing it’ll be a much more enjoyable ride for him!


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