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One of our customers, Cecil, is a deeply experienced motorbike owner/enthusiast who has owned several bikes over the 40 years he has been riding. He purchased his first Triumph last year when the new 1200 RS was launched.

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Since then, he has modified & tweaked a few areas of the bike to compliment his tastes and riding style. He has been happy with the power delivery and fueling of the bike, so has not attempted to increase the horsepower, but these are the modifications he has added up to now:

  • Triumph OEM fly screen and visor
  • Triumph crash bars and fork protectors
  • GB Racing engine protection
  • Evotech Performance Tail Tidy, radiator guard and brake lever guard
  • CarbonBFR carbon fibre heel guards
  • Racetorx gear shift support
  • Healtech exhuast servo eliminator
  • Pro-race slip on exhaust

Cecil came to us with his beautiful Triumph 1200 RS 2 as he noticed significant discolouration on the stainless steel exhaust headers, as it so often occurs due to heat build-up/general usage. Out of the six colour options from our Volcanic Range, Cecil decided to o for our Volcanic Black ceramic coating to help protect his bike from unnecessary heat build up, as well as an aesthetic upgrade. He added ‘I sent in an enquiry via their website and shortly after received a call from them to discuss my requirements. Zircotec was very helpful in answering all my questions and addressing any concerns.’

Our Volcanic Black polymer ceramic coating provides heat reductions of up to 15% and is able to withstand up to 980°C. Cecil was delighted with how good his parts turned out, as he added “I think it looks awesome.”

20221008 154331

If you have a project that suffers from heat management issues, or if you’d simply like to upgrade the look, get in touch today to get your car/bike parts quoted.