Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Ceramic Exhaust Coating


We’ve just ceramic coated the original exhausts on this 1984 Harley-Davidson Softail motorcycle. No doubt the exhaust pipes look better with the satin-finish black ceramic coating rather than in plain rusty metal, and our high temperature ceramic coating in Volcanic Black will resist corrosion more effectively, ensuring the exhaust should last another thirty years.

Here’s a photo of how the rusty motorcycle exhaust looked before: And here is another photo of how much better the high temp ceramic exhaust coating makes it look now: Harley Davidson: Restoration to Greatness
Beneath the custom parts and the flamed tank, this 1984 Harley-Davidson motorcycle is significant for a number of other reasons, as it almost did not exist. In the late 1970s, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle company was in trouble. Years of low investment by an unmotivated owner led to outdated products and low staff morale. Harley was sold off to a group which included some existing employees. The new owners set about making some changes and bringing the Harley up to date.

The biggest change happened with the motorcycle’s engine. Harley-Davidson had long depended on the trusty ‘shovelhead’ engine, but that cast-iron cylinder design suffered from uneven expansion, which led to many problems elsewhere over time. To address the shovelhead’s limitations, Harley-Davidson designed a new ‘Evolution’ engine: all-aluminium and much more reliable, not to mention much smoother to ride.

For all of its newness, the Evolution Big Twin engines can trace their lineage back to the early single-cam, overhead valve ‘knucklehead’ motorbike engines designed by the company’s founder, Bill Harley. The 1340cc Evolution engine was very well received across the bike industry and lived on with minor developments across Harley-Davidson’s various motorcycle ranges for more than fifteen years.

Ceramic Coating Motorcycle Projects
Our ceramic coating project motorcycle is a 1984 Harley Davidson Softail, purchased by the current custodian from its original owner in October last year. First manufactured painted in black, the bike was bought new from Warrs of London in 1984 and was one of the very first Evo-engined Harleys to reach the UK. There is some talk that it was featured in bike newspapers and magazines of the time, so we’d love to see more of those features if anyone has them to hand.

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