Heat Shielding your Engine Bay with ZircoFlex FORM

An example of how our heat shielding product – ZircoFlex® FORM can be utilised in Regal’s BMW E30.


Zircotec’s extensive experience in thermal management has led us to develop several product ranges other than our proprietary plasma-applied ceramic coatings. ZircoFlex® FORM is our offset heatshield with a stainless steel core, sandwiched between two ThermoHold® ceramic coating layers, with one face finished in Performance Yellow Gold™ and the other in our Performance Metallic Black™ finish. With both ceramic coating layers providing market leading thermal barrier properties, with the added benefit of the yellow gold side providing heat reflectivity properties.

Case Study – Regal Autosport BMW E30

As many of you may already know, we were involved with Regal Autosport’s E30 track car project, whereby they amped up their power output from 120bhp to 267bhp, you can imagine the heat challenges that arose when modifying to this extent. Regal reached out to ask if we could help with their issues, their build now benefits from utilising our:

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From a heat shielding perspective, it was vital to protect the coil packs within the engine bay, as they’re much more sensitive to heat and this could drastically affect performance and durability. They opted for our ZircoFlex® FORM for this particular problem as they needed something to manage heat in tight, confined spaces as the heat from the manifold previously affected the coil packs.

ZircoFlex® FORM is an excellent option when it comes to performance to weight/thickness ratio, with our patented ceramic coating technology, it adds minimal thickness to this structural, rigid yet flexible offset heat shield. The maximum operating temperature of ZircoFlex® FORM is 900°C. As shown by the guys at Regal here, they’ve created a partition for the coil packs, showing a temperature reduction of 72% – dropping from 261°C to 73°C.

ZircoFlex® FORM is widely used and tested by Automotive OEMs as well as in Motorsports. Offering a unique combination of strength, low weight whilst providing excellent thermal properties. Get in touch now to find out more about ZircoFlex® FORM.


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