How to improve the looks of a performance exhaust


The goal was simple: improve the looks of a very unique motorcycle. Anton contacted Performance 1 Coatings because he wanted to protect the exhaust system from corrosion whilst adding the benefit of a little extra performance.

Anton contacted Performance 1 Coatings because our ceramic coatings are recognised as one of the best solutions in the industry. The thermal barrier coating is widely used within the OEM sector through to dealers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Our contracts with some OEM manufacturers have substantially grown the brand and with each day, more and more customers are acquainted with our offerings. Our range is evolving and growing in order to meet the demands of the modern day rider.

The bike in question was a powerful Viper. A joint venture created in the USA creating a super-powerful 152 cubic-inch Viper V-Twin engine, utilizing their 25 years of engine design expertise. These bikes are nowadays very rare.

The original Rush performance exhaust on the Viper Diamondback were painted satin black and despite the mega low mileage they had started to go grey close to the heads That wasn’t good.. So Anton looked around to see what options were available. Performance 1 Coatings ticked all the boxes, and Volcanic Black was the ceramic coating of choice.

The next step was to arrange Collection from the customer we can do that for only £15+VAT (UK mainland only. Contact us for quotes from other destinations.) and receive the exhausts to ceramic coat. As per our procedures with any part we receive, we unpack the parts, inspect them for any damage, take a photo and insert the job on to the system.
An Invoice is produced and a member of our team contacts the customer to take payment. With payment done, we start processing the job. First, we check any instructions as per customer’s request, such as masking off a badge or any part they do not want coated. The next step is surface preparation. Here, we strip down the parts to the bare metal to avoid any contamination.

The parts then follow our process and are then taken to the ceramic coating booths. The ceramic coating is applied by our certified technicians, touch-dried for 24 hours and left to cure for up to 5 days. The parts are then inspected for any defects in the coating, and ensure the finish is up to our high standards.
If inspection stage is passed, the parts are then carefully packed and dispatched to our customers.

In the end, we have a happy customer happy with his performance exhaust fitted on his bike with a lovely finish that as you can see, went back to as new condition again, perfect!!

Anton came back to us and left us the following feedback:
‘Big thanks to Duncan as well who arranged my dropping off and collection of the finished article. Great service thank you.’ This is the feedback that makes us happy! This is what we work for!

(Note: this is the only Viper Diamondback in the UK, possibly Europe, she is classed as the largest capacity OEM manufactured V-Twin in the world with an Ilmor built 152 cu i (2.5 litre) power plant producing 160 ft lbs torque, all totally built at a ridiculous cost!!)