Mercedes-Benz AMG55 gets cooler with Volcanic Black ceramic coating


It is a common issue that strikes a lot of our customers. Specially when trying to get more output power from the engine. Going round this problem and trying to keep the motor with low temperatures, Scott just gained an almost brand new engine by getting his exhaust manifold ceramic coating.

Scott wasn’t happy with is Mercedes AMG55. The temperatures were rising to unbearable highs and he needed to control the heat at the inlet and exhaust manifold.
Even with the fitting of an huge charger cooler kit from Forge Motorsports, the heating problem was still present. He need the exhaust manifold ceramic coating.

That’s when Scott contacted us on how we could help him reducing the under bonnet temperature. The solution: get the exhaust manifold ceramic coating.
By adding the charger cooler, it has possible to have an additional 84bhp and 45lbs/of torque which meant more power to the wheels, stronger engine and higher temperatures.

Wanting to reduce overall temperatures on the exhaust system, Scott sent us two exhaust manifolds and two down pipes to be ceramic coated with our Volcanic Black.
Upon receipt of the parts, we prepare the surface for the coating application.

After preparing the parts, making sure they are decontaminated from any porosity and dirt, we then proceed to apply our polymer ceramic coating. Chrome exhaust manifolds for a Mercedes-Benz AMG55 OEM Polished exhaust manifold from a Mercedes-Benz AMG55 Flanges of an exhaust manifold for a Mercedes-Benz AMG55 after being cleaned and prepared for ceramic coating application by Performance 1 Coatings Volcanic Black ceramic coating on a downpipe Flanges of an exhaust manifold for a Mercedes-Benz AMG55 Exhaust manifold ceramic coating fitted on a Mercedes-Benz AMG55 V8

Volcanic Black is part of our Volcanic range which can withstand temperatures of up to 1,050°C (1,922°F) and it is used by some teams within the Motorsport industry.
It is available in two colours: Volcanic Black and Volcanic Silver.
It is one of our best-sellers due to efficiency, glossy looking finish and benefits.

The next phase is a cure where the exhaust manifold ceramic coating gets the strength and the perfect finish.
The final steps are inspection, where we inspect every parts meticulously and, passing inspection, it gets packed and sent to the customer.

We have asked Scott to send us some photos of the parts being fitted and the final result is pretty good.
While maintaining a cool visual, Scott is now able to reduce some of the heat under the bonnet.
And, his words couldn’t be more rewarding: ‘Cheers for the great work!’

If you are also experiencing heat problems on your exhaust system, drop us an e-mail on or give us a call on +44 (0)1235 816 032 to get advise on how we can help you and to give you a quote.