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Motorbike Exhaust Coatings – More than just for looks

Motorbike exhaust headers are often ceramic coated as an aesthetic upgrade, however, it’s not just about the looks…


Motorbike exhaust headers are often made from steel or titanium alloys. Different metal alloys offer slightly different advantages including weight to strength ratio, thermal properties, longevity, workability, etc. Depending on the alloy used and the design of the motorbike, headers are often exposed to the elements and can suffer damage such as surface chipping and corrosion. This not only affect its looks, but also its performance!

Motorbike exhaust headers is probably arguably the most popular of motorbike parts we receive from customers for the above reasons. We do also receive several enquiries for the link pipe, silencers, body panel heat shields and more. It goes without saying that the header pipes are usually the hottest component of the motorbike, depending on the engine, speed, tune status, and other external factors, it’s usually around up to around 800°C.These components continually take a beating from the constant exposures of thermal cycles when used, or even overheating, impairing performance.

Aside aesthetics, the number one reason to ceramic coating your exhaust headers is to improve performance and rider comfort. Our most popular choice of ceramic coatings used on motorbike exhaust headers is our Volcanic Range. They can help reduce surface temperatures by up to 15% and are able to withstand the high temperatures of motorbike exhausts. By reducing it surface temperatures and keeping the heat inside the exhaust, the exhaust gas flow speed is better maintained, improving performance. Depending on the placement of the engine and exhaust pipes, it also makes for a much safer and comfortable ride, keeping it cooler around the legs and feet.

OEM headers are often given a chrome finish due to the alloys used, however our customers increasingly prefer a darker finish in black and darker tones like our Volcanic Tungsten Grey and Titanium as it often compliments the rest of the bikes look. Performance 1 Coatings’ Ceramic Coatings are excellent options for solving your thermal issues whilst also upgrading the look of your bike. Our coatings are a fit-and-forget solution whereby it does not require constant maintenance to look good. This is especially true when compared to heat wraps, which can become brittle, lose its performance characteristics and therefore need replacing often (e.g. Re-tensioning, drying up any oil and trap unwanted moisture within the exhaust system, etc.).

Get in touch to find out more on our coating options and to get the most out of coating your motorbike exhaust.