P1C set sail with Pascoe International


We are traditionally known for being heat management experts within the automotive and motorsport industry. However, our various product lines can also be utilized across the marine sector as a corrosion resistant barrier and aesthetic upgrade for componentry used in harsh environments.

We recently worked with Pascoe International, builders of award-winning tenders for the world’s most iconic superyachts for over 18 years. Pascoe got in touch as they needed to coat the deck fittings for a Pascoe Limousine tender. Their client was looking for a fully blacked out look for this particular tender, therefore the stainless-steel componentry needed a durable matte black finish.

Our Volcanic Black ceramic coating was the obvious solution as it performs well against harsh marine environments, and certainly hits the brief for a matte black look.

Ray Callaway, Boat Building Manager added – “They looked really good on the boat and have held up well to the marine environment. We had a lot of positive comments about the look of the boat while at the Monaco Yacht Show, we feel the black finishing of the stainless parts really added to the stealth look of this particular tender.”

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If you’re working on a similar project that requires corrosion resistant properties for the marine environment, contact us to find out more information about our ceramic coatings!