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Refreshing a rusty Ducati Multistrada Exhaust

We’ve had the pleasure of ceramic coating our customer’s Ducati Multistrada 1200S, arguably one of the best-suited bikes to the UK’s road and weather conditions.


Our customer, Richard, was looking for a solution for the headers of his 2015 Multistrada 1200S, as it was showing signs of corrosion after riding in heavy downpours last year. Richard toured the North Coast 500 route, after which the exhaust started rusting. Every winter Richard strips the bike pretty much down to the engine in the chassis. Even though Richard was aware that our ceramic coating core selling point is its thermal management properties that has been proven to improve motorbike performance, he was predominantly looking for a durable cosmetic application.

Although Richard hadn’t really made any modifications, the 2015 Multistrada 1200S’s DVT (Desmodromic Variable Timing) engine provides the best of both bottom end as well as the top end power delivery, allowing its 160bhp output to really flex its muscles.

Richard said that,

“I actually put quite a lot of effort cleaning off surface rust and other impurities prior dropping the parts off with Zircotec”.


These are the pictures prior and after they were cleaned by Richard. Prior to the ceramic coating application, the parts entered our own in-house surface treatment process to ensure the ceramic coating can be properly deposited onto the substrate. Our media blasting treatment can remove any paint, rust and other contaminants, as well as to provide a high-quality keyed surface to ensure the adhesion of our coatings.

Richard also opted for a Zircotec solution as we were relatively local. Instead of arranging for his parts to be collected and delivered, he simply dropped the parts off with us at our HQ in Abingdon. When choosing a UK ceramic coating provider, he found that we “had an extremely professional setup” – equipped with a range of coating and heat shielding samples to choose from at our customer reception area, which made him feel comfortable to have his parts coated by us.

Richard went for our polymer applied Volcanic Tungsten Grey finish, which is one of the six colour options from our Volcanic Range. As mentioned above, even though Richard’s primary reason for coating wasn’t thermal management, our Volcanic Range of polymer ceramics can help reduce surface temperatures by up to 15% – which is a very popular coating option for bikers as this makes it a far more comfortable ride, especially in the summer. Our Volcanic Range is also a popular option as an aesthetic upgrade, whereby our coating technology creates a stable bond between the exhaust and the coating, acting as a corrosion resistant barrier and further strengthening the parts’ durability and performance, whilst of course looking great.

Get in touch now to find out more about our ceramic coatings, whether you’re looking to improve your car/bike performance, reduce surface temperatures or simply as an aesthetic upgrade.