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Where to Install Exhaust Heat Shields

Heat shields used in cars does exactly ‘what it says on the tin…’, their core purpose it to act as a thermal shield to protect bodywork & componentry.


There are a several types of heat shields used in the automotive industry, though the materials and methods used might be completely different. Therefore the term ‘Heat Shield’ is most definitely interchangeable, and is not always clear. Heat shields can be referred to as solid steel or aluminium sheets, often with holes cut into it, that’s installed or welded along the pipework of exhaust systems. However, these type of heat shields are unlikely to achieve significant thermal advantages with them being produced solid metal constructs, which naturally conducts heat.

We do in fact receive these rigid heat shield (usually on motorbikes), requested by customers to be ceramic coated by us. By applying our range of ceramic coatings, it can provide surface temperature reductions of up to 33%, which makes it much safer and more comfortable for the driver/ rider.

In addition to simply Ceramic Coating heat shield panels to address the issue of conductive heat, Zircotec offers three different types of market leading heat shielding solutions.

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1. ZircoFlex® FOIL & GOLD

ZircoFlex® FOIL is our flexible offset ceramic heat shield that’s extremely thin and requires minimal space for installation, which makes it perfect for confined spaces under the bonnet. Our lightweight ZircoFlex® FOIL heat shield is an aluminium backed foil with our proprietary thermal barrier ceramic coating technology applied, this technology is able to reduce heat by up to 85%, via heat conductivity. ZircoFlex® GOLD is an additional option that offers the same thermal barrier qualities, but with the added benefit of a gold foil front that increases it radiant heat reflectivity to 98%, which aids in dissipating heat energy elsewhere. ZircoFlex® FOIL & GOLD is available in three different thicknesses and various sizes to suit any project. Check out our shop for more details.

ZircoFlex® FOIL and GOLD is usually installed in places where heat is not welcomed, such as under the rider’s the seat , bodywork areas that suffer from heat soak including footwells, bulkheads, gearbox tunnels, etc. Generally, any areas that requires deflection of heat that might be located near heat sources such as the engine and exhaust.


2. ZircoFlex® FORM

ZircoFlex® FORM is our structural ceramic offset heat shield. It functions in the exact same way as ZircoFlex® FOIL whereby it’s designed to deflect heat away from areas that are more sensitive to heat. ZircoFlex® FORM is significantly more rigid compared to ZircoFlex® FOIL, comprising of a dimpled stainless-steel core, sandwiched in between two ThermoHold® Ceramic Coating layers, which acts as market leading thermal barrier technology. At only 0.25mm thick, ZircoFlex® FORM is an extremely thin and lightweight solution that requires very little space for installation. The ability to create high-performance structural heat shields within engine bays proves to be a huge advantage for clients who need to safeguard sensitive componentry from heat damage.

ZircoFlex® FORM can be installed around areas that are sensitive to heat, for example in this case, the structural heat shield is formed in the desired geometry and installed to offset the heat generated around the manifolds, away from the coil packs.

73 Form

These are only a few example uses, do get in touch to speak to our technical sales team to find out the best ways in optimising heat management with our range of heat shielding solutions for your vehicle.