ZircoFlex® II GOLD – Ceramic Heat Shield

From £67.80

ZircoFlex® II GOLD is a gold backed Aluminium Foil that provides maximum levels of heat reflectivity.

ZircoFlex II GOLD is:

  • Gold Backed – Delivering 98% heat reflectivity
  • Thermal Barrier - Up to 77% heat reduction
  • Flexible – ZircoFlex® GOLD is easily bent and manipulated to suit different geometries, and can be folded tightly through 180° without damaging the thermal barrier
  • Lightweight – ZircoFlex® GOLD weighs only 0.56kg/m²
  • Extremely Thin – 0.6mm overall, needing minimal space for installation
  • Easily Cut – And installed by hand or machine
  • Easily Fixed in Place – Using mechanical fasteners (sold separately) or high temperature adhesives (3M backed self adhesive can be selected as an option)